The use of ice and plants is our innovation which is unique in the world and made for all genders, all ages and skin types.

In our lab we are already working on the development of new creations.


The fundamental basis of our products is our glow system which is the tool to produce the ice sphere together with our signature blossom waters, a small-batch hydrosol made from purposefully chosen organic herbs and plants using a process of distillation.

To begin the process of our blossom waters, plants are treated with pressurized steam inside a still. This causes aromatic compounds to escape from the plants and evaporate into steam.Once the steam condenses, the oil is carefully separated from the water to produce a concentrated dose of healing botanical properties.

Applying the Kailas ice sphere on the facial skin, brings all benefits of an ice facial together with the healing benefits of the blossom waters.


One tool with threefold results: the ice facial dramatically improves the health and appearance of your skin, the blossom water contained in it give the healing effect of the plants and the aromas improve the psyche through aromatherapy.

The physical effects of our hydrosol blends are boosted by cold temperatures, which causes the capillaries in your face to restrict. This creates a pulling effect that allows ingredients to penetrate deeper into your skin. You’ll see better results, faster.

Our botanical waters are gentle and have either a refreshing, cleansing, stimulating, or calming effect depending on the composition of the plant material.


“Kailas Botanical Glow Lab was launched in Switzerland”

The inventor Danica has been fascinated for years by the effect of ice and plants on our mind and body. Over time, the founders Danica and John experimented a lot until they came up with the perfect application. From the beginning, the development of Kailas was about bringing Danica's experience and passion into a tool that is accessible to everyone at home.

Naturalness plays a big role as Kailas focuses on enhancing our inner and outer beauty, soothing our souls and calming our minds.

The name Kailas is derived from the holy mountain Kailash in Tibet. The word Kailash means "crystal." The Tibetan name for the mountain can thus be translated as "Jewel of Snow". To this day, no human has climbed the mountain. Pilgrims circle the mountain at its foot - a sacred ritual that is said to bring good luck.


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