We at Kailas believe in the power of plants to enhance our inner and outer beauty, soothe our souls, and calm our minds. 

That’s why we created an at-home glow system that harnesses the power of hydrosols to boost results for both your body and soul.


The fundamental basis of our products is our signature blossom water, a small-batch hydrosol made from purposefully chosen organic herbs and plants using a process of distillation.
To begin the process, plants are treated with pressurized steam inside a still. This causes aromatic compounds to escape from the plants and evaporate into steam. Once the steam condenses, the oil is carefully separated from the water to produce a concentrated dose of healing botanical properties.



Our botanical waters are gentle and have either a refreshing, cleansing, stimulating, or calming effect depending on the composition of the plant material.

Combining our blossom waters with our glow sphere treatment produces twofold results: the aromas improve the psyche through aromatherapy while the ice facial dramatically improves the health and appearance of your skin.
The physical effects of our hydrosol blends are boosted by cold temperatures, which causes the capillaries in your face to restrict. This creates a pulling effect that allows ingredients to penetrate deeper into your skin. You’ll see better results, faster.




Kailas Botanical Glow Lab was launched by Danica to provide high-quality, natural beauty products that utilize the power of nature. After experiencing the incredible results of ice facials first-hand, Danica was driven to share her secret with the world.

Kailas products are 100% natural, vegan, organic, and cruelty-free. There are no added ingredients—just honest beauty for men and women.