Let’s Talk Facial Icing

Let’s Talk Facial Icing


When it comes to achieving radiant skin, consumers are open to trying just about anything. From face cupping to slugging, it seems every day there are new trends on social media boasting unbelievable skincare benefits.  Following the pandemic, beauty purchases skyrocketed as consumers invested in self-care to cope with the anxiety of quarantining. The rise of at home face tools, has taken the skincare industry by storm and has brought the scientific benefits of a dermatology visit to the comfort of your home. This booming market is continuously seeing innovation with tools that can zap, suck, and massage away unwanted skin concerns. With so many new products popping up each day, all claiming to help solve every obscure skin care problem out there, it can be a bit overwhelming to determine which direction you should take to achieve healthy, glowing skin.  

So, what do you do when you cannot decide what new age skincare tool is best for you? We recommend going back to the basics and treatments that have been improving skin health for centuries.

Ice has been used as a tool to treat injuries and reduce inflammation since the times of ancient Greece. During this period, medics would often reduce swelling from an injury by packing snow on the areas of concern. The term “cryokinetics” was coined in the early 1970s and became the accepted technique amongst the medical community.

In the athletic community, ice has been revered for decades as a key component in alleviating inflammation and soreness. From the amateur level to the professional level, athletes are instructed to ice their muscles after exercising to avoid injury or pain from overexertion. While the science behind icing has certainly evolved, with the inclusion of frozen gel to cryotherapy and cold therapy chambers, the core idea is the same.

Even though icing is most often associated with exercise and injury, it can also provide incredible benefits when applied to your face as well.

Believe it or not, the practice of facial icing is as simple as the term states. When you rub ice on your face, you are causing blood to rise to the surface of the skin which can help reduce puffiness and inflammation. You skin instantly looks brighter and gives you a glow from the increased blood flow. The benefits do not just stop here, though.

1. Tightens skin

When you expose your skin to cold temperatures for several minutes, you are practicing a form of cryotherapy, which soothes and tightens the skin’s surface. The ice aids in draining excess fluids from the lymphatic system, making the skin tighter and more vibrant.

2. Reduces signs of aging

After facial icing, your pores are tighter which can help to reduce the signs of ageing and aid in improving fine lines and wrinkles. Daily practice of icing your skin in target areas of concern will also assist in achieving firmer and younger looking skin overall.

3. Blemish control

When you practice facial icing, you are reducing redness and inflammation while improving overall blood flow. This in turn shrinks your pores and helps to reduce excessive oil production which can often lead to blemish breakouts.

4. Product absorption

When you apply ice to your face before completing the rest of your skincare ritual, you’re priming your face to absorb product into deeper layers of skin. This will also allow you to reap the benefits of your toners, serums, moisturizers etc. at a more intense level.

5. Sunburn

Practicing facial icing after suffering from sunburn on the delicate skin of your face can help to soothe the affected areas and reduce redness. Sunburn also causes inflammation, which facial icing can help reduce so that you recover at a faster rate.

6. Eye puffiness

When you apply ice daily to your skin, you are shrinking dilated blood vessels which reduces swelling. The icing helps to release fluid buildup and drain toxins, which provides a tightening effect. Facial icing under your eyes will help to rid you of puffy under eyes and will give you a more awake and vibrant look

Skin experts recommend practicing facial icing once a day, to achieve the best results. While using this skincare method will provide you with numerous benefits, it can be harmful if overdone. Since the cold exposure to the skin constricts the blood vessels, it can cause damaging burns if done too often or for longer than a few minutes each session. Our recommendation is to start each morning practicing facial icing, to help awaken your skin and start the day off with a fresh glow.

Now that you know the origin of facial icing and all its incredible benefits, it’s time to deep dive into the best way to begin incorporating the practice into your everyday routine. Kailas Botanical Glow Lab has developed an at home Spa Ice Facial Treatment that is changing the way traditional facial icing is practiced. Introducing the Glow Sphere, the innovative beauty tool that combines the historical benefits of icing with modern technology, to provide you with skincare results beyond what simple facial icing can achieve.

Facial Icing is an extremely beneficial skincare practice for most people, but not all. It is important to ensure your skin type will not be further damaged by incorporating icing to your routine. Thin or sensitive skin can be further irritated, with redness also occurring. If you have existing broken capillaries on your face, icing can also make them worsen and prevent healing. If you are recovering from any cosmetic surgeries, peels, laser, or other procedures, wait until you are fully healed before practicing facial icing. In these instances, it is best to have your skin heal naturally.

The Glow Sphere is a new beauty tool that allows you to practice easy facial icing, with the power of blossom water. You simply fill the circular casing with 5ML of blossom water using a funnel, fill up the rest of the sphere with water, shake to mix the formula, freeze overnight, and glide the sphere over your skin for 1 minutes to achieve the benefits of Facial Icing.

Using Kailas signature botanical waters inside the sphere, instead of only traditional ice water, provides increased skincare benefits and nourishing elements. When you combine the blossom waters with the Glow Sphere treatment, you are taking advantage of all the traditional benefits of facial icing, but with added nourishing benefits and aromatherapy benefits. Some of the nourishing benefits of the blossom water include improved elasticity, fewer blemishes, and the reduction of fine lines. The added aromatherapy benefits include stress relief, increased serotonin, and an overall sense of balance.

Icing has been a treatment practiced by medical professional for centuries, due to its ability to decrease inflammation and swelling. When included in your skincare regimen, facial icing can provide a large variety of benefits such as reducing puffiness, increasing skin tightness, improving blemishes and so much more. Kailas Botanical Glow Lab is adding a twist to this historical practice with the introduction of their Glow Sphere. Combining the benefits of regular facial icing with infused botanical water elements, unlocks a variety of additional skincare benefits and promotes product penetration beneath deeper layers of skin. The aromatherapy benefits of using hydrosols instead of only water, also includes increased feelings of happiness, balance, stress relief, and energy. The Glow Sphere is also simple to use! Simply fill in the sphere with your chosen hydrosol, fill up the remaining space in the sphere with water, shake, freeze overnight, and use in circular motions on your face for 1 minute each day. You will see your skin improve dramatically and will achieve results that will last long after your ice has melted. 

To learn more about the Glow Sphere, please browse our product page!

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